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Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that we didn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to send us a short message on our contact us page, email us at reservations@dreamervacations.com, or give us a call at 860-716-2301.  We look forward to your business!




Is alcohol delivered to my accommodation?

If you have reserved a Crown Villa for your vacation, yes, it is delivered to your Villa. If you reserve any other accommodation, you must pick up your order at the reservations desk where you checked in.




Is everything at the resort open all year long?

NO. During the off-season the resort will close some of the smaller bars and restaurants on a rotational basis. When we asked, resort management did tell us that they make these decisions on a weekly basis by looking at the scheduled number of people booked into the resort. They assured us that everyone will have access to ample food and drink locations during their stay.




What is the advantage of being a Platinum Supreme CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE like you are?

Platinum Supreme CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE is the highest level of membership that the resort has to offer. Our guests have access to the all VIP areas — the VIP Gourmet Restaurant, VIP Cafe, VIP World, and VIP Beach. When staying as our guests you will receive top notch service and be treated like a member. In addition, you will receive invitations to the Sunday and Thursday night VIP parties. When booking your vacation through us, you receive the highest level of resort access and benefits.


Can I get beachfront accommodations?

There are several beachfront villas at Lifestyle Holidays and can be reserved subject to availability. The closest accommodations to the beach is the Lifestyle Tropical, Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa with the Suites, Penthouses, and Crown Villas being a short walk away.


Can I have alcoholic beverages (other than beer) delivered to my villa?

Absolutely. Our VIP Guests will have a special menu to order from and alcohol will be delivered to your villa at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


Your website says Villa guests can have daily breakfast cooked in their rooms. This would be great for us with our small children. What types of special arrangements do we need to make?

None at all! When you check in at the Crown Villas VIP reception, they will merely ask what time you want your breakfast to be ready. Remember, there is NO CHARGE for this service. The breakfast includes eggs, fruit, juices, meats, cheese and breads. Enjoy!


Is there Internet service available?

There is free internet access available in the VIP reception area (2 computers) and free high speed wireless is available to you in VIP World, the Presidential Suites and the tower building.


Will we be able to have use of a golf cart while at the resort?

Yes! As Platinum Supreme CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE, we guarantee golf carts for all of our Villa Guests. When you book with us the golf cart is free–the resort will fill the gas tank as needed at no charge also. Besides a golf cart you will also receive one free round of golf per person per stay at the 9-hole Los Mangos Executive Golf Course in Costatambar with transportation to and from the course included.


Does every guest get free Ocean World tickets ?

Yes! When you get to your accommodations, call VIP Customer Service from the house phone and request the tickets for the date you want to visit the park. It’s a good idea to request them 1 to 2 day’s in advance of your planned trip. The VIP office will give you a time to be at the Tropical Reception area for ticket pick up and transportation to Ocean World. You can also pick up the tickets at the VIP Services offices located on the first floor in the Lifestyles Tower




What is a Hookah Bar?

‘The Spot’ is the Hookah and Vodka Bar and is located at VIP World. All our guests have access to this venue. A hookah bar is a place where patrons share shisha (flavored tobacco) from a communal hookah or nargile which is placed at each table. Typically a disposable mouthpiece is provided for each user for hygiene reasons. The important thing is not what you put in the pipe, but who is with you while you’re smokingand enjoying your favorite beverage.


Are we close to the beaches?

The Cofresi Resort is right on the beach. Your lodging is within convenient walking distance, and Villa residents have a golf cart. If walking is an issue for your party, you can take advantage of the free shuttle service at no charge. The shuttles run continuously but does not follow a set route and takes you to your requested destination. In the Villas you just call for a shuttle, just like calling a taxi.


What is the proper attire for Lifestyle beaches?

The resort has addressed this in their rules and regulations. The resorts provide a generally family friendly atmosphere, so swimming attire should be suitable for when young children are present. Topless sunbathing is not common in the Dominican Republic and therefore topless swimming or sunbathing for women is NOT permitted in our public areas, beaches and pools.

Do I need to have a minimum amount of people to book a villa or can small parties have access to them too?

No minimum is necessary and there is never any additional charge for under occupancy for the villas. You can have 1 or 12 people in your villa! The only per-person item you pay is the current all-inclusive fee for the number of people in your party per day.


Will we know what our Villa number is when we receive our reservation confirmation?

No, the resort assigns villas at check-in. The reason it’s done this way is that the villas are constantly being upgraded to maintain the resort’s high standard of luxury. If you have a specific villa that you would like reserve, please let us know and we will make a special request. As Platinum Supreme CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE, the resort makes every effort to make us and our guests happy. Of course, there is no guarantee but in our year of ownership, we have never stayed in a ‘bad’ villa.


When will I receive my reservation confirmation?

We usually can have a confirmation number for your stay within two days. Along with the confirmation number, we will also forward an airport transportation pick-up request document to you.


Can you guarantee me a larger four, five or six bedroom Villa?

Absolutely! As Platinum Supreme CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE owner we can make this guarantee. Should the villa size you booked not be available, the resort will provide you with two Three Bedroom villas at no additional cost.




How do I check in and make use of the amenities available?

Tell your driver you need VIP check-in for the specific accommodations you have reserved. Once you arrive at the resort, you will pay your all-inclusive rate at the check-in desk and receive a VIP wrist band which will give you access to all restaurants, bars, pools, beaches and other areas of the resort. You will receive all the services and privileges of a vacation club member during your trip.


What’s the earliest time I can check in and the latest I can check out?

Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and Check-out is 11:30am. On occasion (during busy peak seasons) your room may not be quite ready. So use this opportunity to have a refreshing cocktail at one of the VIP bars while the resort puts the finishing touches on your room!




Is child care offered at the Resort?

Yes! This can be arranged at any time during your stay. In addition, the resort offers: a children’s playground area; Supervised Kid’s Club open daily from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM; Daily activities program for children 3 to 12 years old; Children’s pools; and a Mini-Disco. Children have a great time at the resort — especially the private pool that comes with a villa reservation. Another childrens’ favorite is Sunday night Beach Party with live band and fireworks show. A free day at Ocean World (offered through us) is a family favorite so bring swim suits because the kids will want to play in the many swimming areas within the park. Please discuss with your Customer Representative.


Cribs and high chairs are also available.

Please let us know when booking what your needs are and we will take care of the arrangements for you.




How often can we eat at the restaurants?

We don’t have any restrictions, however, the resort may limit the number of times you can eat at any restaurant so that everyone has the opportunity to dine at their favorite restaurant. Some try to reserve multiple visits and that depends on the time of year and availability. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be able to dine at any one restaurant. Your customer services representative at the resort will be able to help make your reservations.


Do we really get breakfast cooked in our Villa?

Yes, this is part of your vacation experience. The chef will cook for you and provide eggs, omelets, meats, fruits, cheese, and breads. Don’t expect this service before 8:00 AM however.


What about the advertised BBQ in the Villa?

As part of your Villa reservation you can schedule a BBQ at your Villa. You may not be able to specify the day, however. A chef and concierge will prepare and serve this exquisite meal for your party. Simply work with your customer service representative to request and schedule your BBQ and enjoy.




What is covered by the all-inclusive fee?

All meals, snacks, and drinks (including top shelf alcoholic beverages) in each of the restaurants and bars, taxes, gratuities, daily activities program including exercise, games, sports, and water sports, Coliseum Amphitheater for special shows and events, non-motorized water sports: snorkeling, windsurfing, boogie board, kayaks, scuba clinics in pool, two hard surfaced tennis courts, swimming pools, chaise lounges and towel service for the pool and beach area, Internet access, fitness center, taxes, gratuities. Plus the VIP Welcome Party on Sunday and the Bravissimo DOME Party on Thursday!


Are the prices quoted per week or per person?

Can I stay less than or more than one week? The prices quoted are weekly prices. We can easily pro-rate these prices for longer or shorter stays.


Is the price for lodging per person?

NO. The charge for lodging is for your entire party. Our accommodation website page, we provide insight on how many people, both minimum and maximum, are appropriate for your request.


Do I need to exchange any U.S. Dollars for Dominican Pesos?

No, The resort and all vendors that I have found take American Currency. Some vendors may offer to give you change in pesos, so politely ask that any change be made in US dollars.


Do you have a currency converter from US dollars to Dominican Pesos?

Yes. Click on this Currency Converter button.


When is payment for my reservation due?

When you request your vacation, we will send an invoice detailing your request with total charges. Your deposit is due at the time you make your reservation. If the resort cannot accomodate your request, we will refund this deposit. The balance is due not less than 30 days prior to your scheduled check-in date.


 What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We rely on the resort imposed policy and pass that on to you. (1) Cancel a confirmed booking more than 3 months before arrival – full refund. (2) Cancel between 3 and 1 months before arrival – 100% refund on fees and 50% refund on lodging. (3) Cancel less than 1 month before arrival – 100% refund on fees and the lodging deposit be forfeited in its entirety. (4) There are no refunds at all if you are a no-show or if you depart the resort earlier than your scheduled departure date.


Are there any additional fees or costs?

You simply rent from the owner, and pay the All-Inclusive fee upon arrival at the VIP reservation desk. There are NO additional fees. The exceptions will be for additional options that you choose to purchase, like safes, laundry, motorized recreation, diving, excursions, off-resort telephone calls etc. There is an entrance fee when arriving in the Dominican Republic. This is currently $10.00 US per person, and payable when processing thru Customs at the airport. Gratuities are included in the all inclusive fee, but some guests often tip the staff.


What about cash and credit cards?

The Domincan Republic and the resort generally accepts US Dollars. This includes the airport, shopping, and vendors. Guests coming from other countries can take advantage of the Currency Exchange located in the lobby of The Tropical. The resort does accept MasterCard and Visa, but DOES NOT take American Express.




Is there internet and telephone service or access available?

The resort has both internet cafe sites and Wi-Fi hot spot areas throughout the resort for those who have wireless devices. Each person is issued a passcode for accessing the Wi-Fi connections. There are telephones in each unit, and cellphones may be used, however, international roaming charges may apply based on the plan you have with your provider.


How can family members at home contact us if an emergency?

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort: 809-970-7777, ask for room number.




Are the villas really private? Do I have to share a Villa?

Yes, each Villa is a ‘private’ residence. You can see the ‘Crown Villas’ layouts in the Cofresi resort map on the ‘Locations’ page of our website. NO, you will not share a villa with any other party. Your villa reservation is exclusively for your party.

Can I request a specific Villa?

Certainly you can request a specific villa, but the resort will not guarantee any unit. They keep your special request on file and will honor that request, based on availability.

Do Villas or Apartments have laundries (washer and dryer)?

No. Guest facilities do not have laundries for your use. The resort does offer laundry service and there are laundry facilities located within the resort.

Do I need power adapters while at the resort?

The resorts use the same 110V/60Hz power and receptacles as the United States. You only need adapters if you are coming from an area where other power is the standard.




What is your function role in these vacations and reservations?

We offer to provide you with scheduled accommodation reservations that are otherwise not available to the public, at least not at our prices. We work with you to plan your type of accommodation, and then work with the resort to confirm accommodation reservations. Once that transaction is complete, your obligation comes strictly from the resort.


What is the difference between an owner, member and guest?

Owners made a significant investment in the resort and its operations, and as a result have unrestricted access. Members have invested in the Vacation Club experience and have priority access to many venues and restricted areas. Guests have access to the entire resort with some restrictions to exclusive areas that have been set aside for owners and members. There are certain locations and benefits that are exclusive for owners. As our guests, however, you will receive the highest level of Guest VIP service that the resort has to offer. 


What is the difference between a guest and a special guest?

Special Guest are privileges associated reservations for Villas, Presidential Suites, Royal Suites, and Crown Suites. Guest privileges are associated with reservations for Residence Suites, Cofresi Palm, and The Tropical.


As your guest, will I receive the same access in this resort as an

No. There are certain locations and benefits that are exclusive to owners. As our guests, however, you will receive the highest level of Guest VIP service that the resort has to offer.


Is this resort part of a timeshare?

No. Lifestyle Holidays is a vacation club and is different from a timeshare. There will be sales representatives there offering information and tours of the Club but you are not obligated to attend these presentations. As members, we want you — our guests — to please spend your time at the resort in the way you prefer.


This all sounds great. How can we verify your membership?

Great question. You can contact the resort — Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club — Customer Service Department at (809) 970–3654, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The main resort number is (809) 970-7777. Our CHAIRMAN CIRCLE AFFLIATE number is 338. You may also e-mail Customer Service at . The address of the resort is:

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
Hacienda Resorts
Torre 1, Columbus Plaza
Playa Cofresi
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Phone: (+1) 809 970-3653
(+1) 809 970-3654
Fax: (+1) 809 970 7465




Is the resort protected?

Yes. The entire resort is surrounded by walls and is gated. Each gate is staffed 24/7 by security personnel. In addition, security staff is posted throughout the resort as are roaming patrols. All this is very discrete and unobstructive.


Does lodging have safes for my jewelry and other valuables?

Yes. Each unit has a safe. The usual charge for the safe is $20US per visit. This is optional but highly recommended. You should speak with the customer service representative during check-in.



What are the Dominican Republic temperatures during the summer and winter months?

 Summer months range from 75F to 90F degrees while the winter months range from 80F to 95F degrees.




How do I get to the resort?

Lifestyle Holidays will pick you up at the Puerto Plata Airport (POP) at no charge. When you go through customs, you’ll pick up your bags and look for a driver holding a card with your name(s) on it. He will also have the Lifestyle Holidays logo on the card. He will assist you with your bags and take you via minibus to the resort. It’s approximately a 30 minute ride.


What do I need to travel to the Dominican Republic?

In addition to a valid passport, the country charges a $10 cash entry fee upon arrival.


I prefer to fly into Santo Domingo (SDQ) or Santiago (STI) Airports. How will I get to the resort ?

 The Santo Domingo Airport is approximately three and one half hours from the resort via taxi service. The resort recommends this taxi service www.dominicantaxi.com for your travels from this location. The Santiago Airport is approximately 90 minutes from the resort and you can use the same taxi service for transportation. One of our guest reported the fee each way from Santiago is approximately $120 US dollars.


How do I get around while at the resort?

Many of the venues are conveniently located within a short walk. The resort also provides shuttles, free of charge, to take you to your destination. Guests in the villas have a golf cart assigned for ease in getting around the resort.


 Can I get a golf cart?

If you are staying in a villa, a golf cart is provided for your use. Due to recent changes in policy by the resort, guests who stay in other lodging types will not have a golf cart provided, and you cannot rent one. Sorry.


How will my return trip to the airport be arranged?

You should contact VIP Customer Service two days before your departure date to arrange pick up and transportation to the airport.

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